Tuesday, February 27, 2007

why lego is such a great company

Recently I purchased the Mindstorms NXT set (8527). Upon opening the box, I discovered that the software CD-ROM was missing. I decided to see if the software might be available for download, so I went to lego.com and started poking around. Very sensibly, Lego does not offer their base load software for download; you can however download many enhancements and addons free-of-charge.

Not knowing what to do next, I decided to try using the 'Missing Parts' customer service webform. After entering the set number and browsing the available replacement parts, I was a bit disenheartened to see that the CD-ROM was not listed. But this is Lego, the greatest 'toy' company that has ever been, so I figured I had to at least try. So I clicked the 'Don't see your part listed? Describe it here.' link and submitted the form requesting the CD-ROM. In all honesty I really didn't expect anything to come of it.

Well today I find a bubble-pack envelope in my mailbox, from Lego, containing not only the software, but a letter, actually addressed to me with my name in the salutation, expressing Lego's sincerest apologies for having provided an incomplete set.

Well didn't the sun shine just a bit brighter this afternoon!

Lego had come through yet again. What a wonderful company! What a wonderful product! I feel like spending all of my disposable income on Lego sets. Well alright I wanted to do that anyways, but this just strengthens that desire exponentially. Maybe I will try to get my friends to spend their disposable income on Lego...

I went back to the website a few minutes ago and filled out the same form as last time, but this time I expressed my gratitude to the Customer Service Team. I hope it gets printed out and circulated to the team.

I think pretty much every other company around could learn from Lego's example.


  1. In years past, I have contacted LEGO to replace broken parts as well. Even when it was my fault, they still came through and provided me with replacements.

    LEGO is indeed a great company.

  2. Yes, I agree. I have had very similar experiences with their customer service and they have always come through. They have always exceeded my expectations. Right On, Lego!

  3. Good job Lego. I got the same package you describe, complete with the apology letter when I requested a copy of NXT-G 1.1 (my set shipped with 1.0). I think the customer service rep just treated it as a missing part...